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What is LIGHTER1

LIGHTER1 is a revolutionary concept in Ultra Light Backpacking Equipment

LIGHTER1 is actually two products. A polycarb canister and a cooking pan that doubles as the lid for the bear canister.

LIGHTER1 is easier to open and when the lid of the canister is used as a cooking pan to heat water there are few alternatives that are any lighter.

The dual purposes of this patented product effectively reduces both the weight and volume that a backpacker must carry.


Well, it works!

I was backpacking in Colorado last week with one of your Lighter1 bear canisters and, sure enough, a bear tore through the spot where I had stashed my food!  It knocked my canister all around the clearing, but was unable to get into it.  I thought my canister had been carried off to some bear cave, but I found it in some bushes about 200 feet away.  Yay for keeping my food safe.

Marc N.