“The Lighter 1 Lil’ Sami is hands down the best bear canister on the market for anyone looking to conserve weight and space. It is compact, light, sturdy, easy to use, and stores a full three days of food when I’m in the backcountry. As a through-hiker and fast-packer, I am constantly searching for equipment that will help me move as fast and light as possible, and the Lil’ Sami is on my short list of essential equipment.”
– Josh Mathe, ultra endurance adventurer and best-selling author of In the Footsteps of Greatness.
4page-img1While hiking the entire John Muir Trial last summer I actually had to carry 2 bear canisters to accomodate everyone’s needs. The weight of the two canisters alone was 6 pounds. Cutting weight per canister is HUGE! I can’t believe how light these new canisters are.”- Dr. Robert Hughes, Loma Linda, CA
4page-img2“I had a difficult time opening the Bear Vault on earlier hikes. The LIGHTER1 bear canister is easy for me to open and it is transparent, making it easy to find any item. I like that I don’t have to carry an additional cooking pan as well.”- Whitney Micheel, Santa Barbara, CA
fredrichter“Bears frequent my front yard on a nightly basis each summer. I filled the canister with meat fat and left it out for three months. The LIGHTER1 survived the onslaught and was only heavily scratched. The low weight and multi-function lid make it great addition to my pack. I recommend this canister to defend your food from bears. It works very well.”- Fred Richter
Recreation Management Forester, Mammoth Lakes
U.S. Forest Service, Retired
Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the Lighter1 combo set this past summer for a week-long backpack trip in the Sierras. In the past, I have used the bear canisters either from the Park Service or a Bear Vault I bought a few years ago. Your product is way above the rest! Although I generally take dehydrated meals that I can rehydrate in bags, your lid doubling as a cook pan made things so easy in cooking off excess moisture, touching up the meals and eating them which made meal times much more enjoyable.

Best wishes,

Bobby Ariatti — Travels with Bobby: Hiking in the Mountains of the American West

Thank you Steve!

I just completed a 9000 mile journey to Alaska from California and it worked great! Thanks for a great product.


This is may be the first bear that actually gained access to our canister!