Lil’ Sami Polycarb Canister (1lb 5oz)

Cooking Pan (6oz) and Handle (1oz)
ONLY $94.95lilsami

Bid Daddy Polycarb Canister (2lb 4oz)

Cooking Pan (6oz) and Handle (1oz)
ONLY $99.95

An additional lid (2oz) for the cooking pan is included (not necessary for LIGHTER1 to function as a bear canister)


Combo Deal

Get Both Polycarb Canisters AND
1 – Cooking Pan, 1 – Handle and 1 – Lid for the cooking pan.

ONLY $149.95

The SAME cooking pan made out of anodized aluminum doubles as the lid for either bear canister. This allows the backpacker to decide whether to carry the larger canister or the smaller canister on any given trip.

Separate Pan / Lid / Handle Package

Cooking Pan (6 oz)/Lid for Cooking Pan (2 oz)/Handle (1 oz) Package

ONLY $49.95


Product Features

Features Lighter1 Lil Sami Lighter1 Big Daddy
Weight of Polycarb Canister 1lb 5oz (.596kg) 2lb 4oz (1.00kb)
Food Capacity/Interior Volume
(usable space)
300cu in (5ltr)
3 days
650cu in. (10.5 ltr)
7 days
Dimensions 7in dia (17.8cm) x 9in height (22.9cm) 8.7in dia at base (22.1cm) x 6.7in at neck (17cm) x 13in height (33cm)
Cooking Pan made out of anodized aluminum that doubles as lid 6oz holds 850ml 6.9in dia x 2in height 6oz holds 850ml 6.9in dia x 2in height
Handle that doubles as internal support 1oz (28g) 6.7in length 1oz (28g) 6.7in length
Lid for cooking pan (not necessary for Lighter1 to function as bear canister) 2oz (56g) 7in dia (17.8cm) 2oz (56g) 7in dia(17.8cm)